The Best Abs Exercise – Mountain Climbers


A Lot More Fun Than Sit-Ups or Crunches

Mountain climbers are an easy and great ab exercise to do to get a 6 pack.  They’re a lot more fun than the traditional crunches or sits up that you may be so used to doing.

Another reason why mountain climbers are a great ab exercise is because you aren’t just working out one area.  You are stimulating the whole body; which will help you burn more calories per workout session.  These are known as compound exercises; multi-joint movements that work several muscles at one time.

How to Perform the Mountain Climber


Put yourself into the push up position. Keep your hips down and bring one knee to your chest. Drop that leg back to the starting position and then begin to alternate sides. Perform this as many times as you can, as it can be quite challenging. This stimulates your core while targeting other muscle too.

You can also do a variation of the mountain climber by alternating your leg during the leg lift.  Take this slow at first as this variation works your core hard

Again get into the push-up position (arms straight), balls of your feet on the floor.  Brace your core and keep your body still.  Then slowly lift your right knee up towards your left arm, then back down to the starting position.  That’s one movement, your feet should only touch the floor in the starting position.  Then repeat with your left knee up to your right arm, and alternate legs with each rep.  Repeat these 5 times.  Progress by increasing repetitions and intensity.

Tips for Doing Mountain Climbers:

  • Keep breathing steadily doing the exercise, try and get into a rhythm.
  • Keep your upper body stable throughout.
  • For the mountain climber variation, the alteration should come from your core and hips, not your shoulders.
  • Focus on bracing your core and keeping your body balanced with a neutral back.
  • For an extra challenge go really slow and hold your knee by your arm for 2 seconds before bringing it back down.

Most compound workouts will target your mid section, which means you may never have to do a sit up ever again!  Of course this is only one great ab exercise, you can click here to learn more about compound workouts and great ab exercises to get a 6 pack fast.

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